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Finding ones place in the will of God can sometimes be a long and hard process. Not because God makes it hard but because we have the tendency to get in His way. We strive to do our best according to the needs of our families and by the standards that the world around us says should be, but often we find ourselves living more accordingly to those worldly standards than to Gods. It took quite a long road for me to come around to the simplest of answers, which was there all along. God wants us to trust Him and put our faith solely in Him! That means everything from the clothes on our back to our house payments. He owns it all and anything that he allows us to be stewards of can be taken away in an instant. I tried for years to do things "my way" and lost more than I could have ever imagined. I used my "God given" talent for my own selfish gain. In doing so, I went down a path of self destruction that ranged from alcoholism to adulterous affairs and a domestic situation that once landed me in county lockup . I lost a marriage and uncountable friends to the sin that was in my life. I would occasionally swing back over to the "good side" and go with other groups to sing Gospel music and found that it wasn't making it all better like I thought it would, all the while playing in bars and honky tonks trying to fill the God shaped hole in my life that I myself had created. The false face that I wore in front of countless Christian audiences across the country was one of a man steeped in sin. I came to the end of my rope in a drunken stooper one night in my current marriage and realized just how far away from God I was. I had let down my friends, family, and most of all, my Savior. I fell on my face before God and gave myself back to Him! I thought it would be a long and hard road to get back to where I "should be", but after getting back into Gods word and seeking his face, I find that the peace he has granted in simply trusting him with everything is beyond explanation and the worldly desire I once had has been replaced by His grace. I am not by any means proud of my past but thanks be to God, he has granted me a future of fulfillment through his love and forgiveness and eternity with him through the blood of Jesus his son! There are still those I have wronged along the way that I owe my sincerest apologies to that may not be able to forgive but I am so thankful that not only does my God forgive, he also forgets! So now, as I journey back in the way he would have me to go with my amazing wife Stacey by my side, I am using my talents and testimony to win lost souls to Christ and encourage other Christians to have the knowledge that no matter how far away you get from him, He will ALWAYS have a work for you to do, he will ALWAYS be faithful and just to forgive, and he will ALWAYS bless those who bless him!
Love and Prayers,


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